Golden Falcon Aviation strives to be the industry leader in providing best quality and high grade aircraft parts, highly specialized engineering and management services, repairables, rotables, consumables and expendables; and takes immense pride in providing personalized and sensible customer service. Golden Falcon Aviation boasts of an extensive inventory of over 2 million parts that allows fulfilling most orders from tangible stock and allows on time shipments to lessen downtime particularly during AOG’s.

GFA has an extensive product line and almost any product that is rare or hard to find can be located through our worldwide resources. The parts like consumable, rotable and airframe spares for an extensive range of aircraft; from light aircraft to the wide bodied, from fixed to rotary wing. Our vast inventory consists of factory new product direct from the OEM, new surplus product from ex line packages through to overhauled and repaired from our exchange pool. We maintain stock and offer servicing of ground service equipment including but not limited to:

  1. Aircraft tow tractors
  2. ASU (Air Starter Units)
  3. GPU (Ground Power Units)
  4. Passenger Stairs
  5. Baggage belt loaders
  6. Cargo Containers
  7. Medical Ambulift
  • Avionics
  • Chemicals
  • Rotables
  • Consumables
  • Engines
  • Ground Support Units
  • Airbus A300
    • Airbus A300B1
    • Airbus A300B2
    • Airbus A300B4
    • Airbus A300-600
    • Airbus A300-600ST Beluga
  • Airbus A310
    • Airbus A310-200
    • Airbus A310-300
    • Airbus A318
    • Airbus A319
    • Airbus A319-100
    • Airbus A319neo
  • Airbus A320
    • Airbus A320-100
    • Airbus A320-200
    • Airbus A320neo
    • Airbus A321
    • Airbus A321-100
    • Airbus A321-200
    • Airbus A321neo
  • Airbus A330
    • Airbus A330-200
    • Airbus A330-300
    • Airbus A330-700 Beluga XL
    • Airbus A330neo
    • Airbus A330-900
  • Airbus A340
    • Airbus A340-200
    • Airbus A340-300
    • Airbus A340-500
    • Airbus A340-600

ATR – Avions de Transport Régional

Bombardier Aerospace – Canadair

Bombardier Aerospace – De Havilland Canada