Golden Falcon Aviation has been demarcated by the best standards in the industry through strict quality
adherence to ASA and FAA norm, while giving our utmost value to extraordinary quality in service. The
ASA-100 complies with FAA AC 00-56B to emphasize factors like competence and reliability, all of
which are regulated according to the requirements of the aerospace industry.
It is a quality system standard for civil aircraft parts distributors and our continued conformation to these
quality standards is a testament to our resolute commitment towards service quality. In addition, we
conduct internal audit/quality team checks regularly pinning certifications by Airlines and MROs.

Golden Falcon Aviation maintains the AS9120 certified quality management systems, through our
consistency in the provision of high quality products and services that meet our customer needs. This
validates our organizational knowledge gained by our experience in the field and our effective process
The certification of AS9120B and ISO 9001:2015 specifies additional requirements explicit to aerospace
distribution, such as product and service conformity, on-time delivery, work transfers, configuration
management, etc. It is intended for organizations that acquire parts, materials, and assembles to resell
these products to customers in the aviation, space, and defense industries. The accreditation expands our
domain from civil to military aircraft industries.