About Us

The Story

Golden Falcon Aviation took off a decade ago into the world of Aviation, with a simple yet powerful objective of delivering quality spares and maintaining on time service. In an industry where time and tide waits for no man, Golden Falcon Aviation has been able to offer first class spares support to a cluster of Airlines across the globe without compromising on quality and time. The team which had kick started with a squad of four industry enthusiasts is now a battalion of aviation experts spread over 2 continents, 4 stations and counting. The priority has always remained aircraft safety and offering quality services 24×7, 365 days a year with the least turn-around time.

Growth of GFA to triple digits every year since inception.

Reduce turnaround time from 15 to 10 minutes year on year

50% customer growth year on year

100% sales growth year on year

4 locations in 3 years

The business has been structured to save the two most treasured assets of the clientele: time and value for money. To do so, Golden Falcon Aviation has proudly relied on its comprehensive, high-quality inventory, extensive industry knowledge and experience coupled with powerful parts research capability and worldwide logistics channels. Ranging from factory new to new surplus to overhauled and serviceable parts, Golden Falcon Aviation provides total spares support across the globe.